AMSA Conference 2013

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Is there a specific dress code for the event?
This event is business casual since you will be interacting with doctors, nurses, admissions counselors, etc so you want to ‘dress to impress’. However, keep in mind that this is a full day event so dress comfortably.

Can I go to the medical school fair and not stay for the entire conference?
Yes, there is an option on the registration form as to whether you would like to stay for the full conference, which includes the medical school fair, for $10 or if you would just like to attend the medical school fair for $7.

What if I require special accommodations?
If you need any special accommodations during the conference, RU AMSA will make every effort to attend to them, within the organization’s means. For specific requests contact us at [email protected] before the event.

I registered for the conference but couldn’t make it. Can I still receive the event materials?
Although we understand that you may have a good reason for missing the conference, we are unable to supply you with the event materials after the event. Booklets, guides, flyers, and handouts are being distributed by conference coordinators, presenters, and speakers throughout the event, and for that reason it would be very hard for us to compile all of that information and mail it to you.

How can I join RU AMSA?
If you are interesting in joining AMSA, you can go to for information on future events and email us at [email protected], and of course, we will be at the conference to answer any question you may have about the organization.

I am not a Rutgers student, can I still attend the event?
Yes, any student from any college or university is welcome to attend our conference.