AMSA Conference 2013

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Today's Struggle & Tomorrow's Success

Stroke of Genius: A Neurologist's Perspective, Dr. Jawad Kirmani

Alhough stabilizing a patient is the first step when a patient suffers from stroke, treatment is not so simple. Dr. Kirmani discusses innovative preventative measures and minimally invasive treatments for stroke patients, as well as the neurological disorders that can result from stroke.

Living with AIDs, Patrick McGee
Patrick McGee, an influential speaker, prevention educator, and patient himself, speaks from direct experience as he provides an unconventional and touching viewpoint of the necessity of humanism in medicine.
Understanding and Strengthening Your Willpower Muscle, Guilherme Albieri and Christian Alberto
Do you ever aspire to excel in a rigorous, high-demanding health related professional program? Do distractions often place a barrier between you and all that is required in order to be a competitive student? Now more than ever, researchers, scientists, and people alike realize that we all can break old habits and create healthy, productive habits by simply understanding and exercising one of our most powerful muscles: Willpower
Exploring Bioethics: Morality and Healthcare, Bioethics Society

How do moral values affect the way you will provide care and make healthcare decisions? When it comes to treating patients, does treating their medical conditions take precedence over ethical situations? Immerse yourself in a debate on medical ethics and principles with the Rutgers Bioethics Society

Technological advancements in Neurosurgery: Surgical treatment of Brain Aneurysms and Stroke;  Dr. Gaurav Gupta
Learn about strokes and aneurysms, how it occurs, why it occurs, and the current medical technology available to treat it. All this with a live demonstration of Cadaveric human brain- Interactive session with real time hands on experience.
Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Rowan-SOM
Come get a feel for Osteopathic Medicine as medical students from Rowan-SOM demonstrate hands-on, the ins and outs of osteopathic manipulative medicine.
Street Medicine;  Dr. James Withers
One of the most challenging problems of America is health care for all of its citizens. Many have insurance or can afford the costs of health care, but what about the people who can’t afford it? Come here an interesting story by Dr. Jim Withers and his journey providing medical care in the streets of Pittsburgh.
A Year of Opportunities

Looking to take a year or two off before applying to graduate or medical school? Here is the chance to explore opportunities that you can engage in to enhance your application, immerse in a new passion or just try something different before embarking on the challenging path of medicine.

International Surgical Health Initiative;  Dr. Ziad Sifri
Come learn about the humanitarian non-profit organization that provides free surgical care to underserved communities worldwide regardless of race, religion, politics, geography or financial considerations from none other than the co-founder himself. It is entirely organized, managed and operated by unpaid volunteers comprised of the medical community, journalists and artists of the developed world, who want to "give back" to less fortunate people in need of medical care.

Sports Medicine;  Dr. Mendler
Medical Volunteer Opportunities
Have you decided on pursuing a career in medicine based on fantasies in shows? Well, come join a panel of professionals ranging from EMTs, Hospice, Scribes, and other volunteers to find out about the opportunities that will allow you to get a feel for what the field entails.
So you want to be a…?
Not sure what field of medicine you want to go into? Come learn from a panel of physicians from different specialty fields to find out what sparks your interests.
Getting In & Personal with Kaplan
The application process is one of the hardest parts of being a pre-med student. Kaplan is here to help! Learn how to choose a topic for your statement, get writing tips and revision techniques, learn about the requirements of applying and just find out how you can be more prepared when the time comes to apply.
Medical Student Panel
Want to know more about the challenges and successes of medical school? Come meet and ask questions to a panel of medical students in various programs including traditional MD, and accelerated programs such as BA/MD and MD/PhD.